How long does it take to produce my own line of cosmetics?

After order confirmation and incoming payment you''ll receive your exclusive cosmetics according to the "just in time" principle, i.e. usually within 14 days.

Which are the 3 steps to take?

Step 1:

Choose the products and formulations you like best from your sample kit.
Create your own layout and design.

Step 2:
Send us your logo as a printable file (vector file at 300dpi resolution).
Our creative team will then design your labels displaying your logo and all legally relevant identification.
Subsequent to your written approval, we will start the printing process of your labels and pictures.

Step 3:

We produce, finish and package your customized line of cosmetics and deliver it on time by UPS.

Is there a minimum order quantity?}

Our formulations can be purchased even in small quantities of 15 pieces per recipe.

The minimum order value / first order actually amounts to 500.00 euro plus 19 % VAT and shipping costs.

How much money do I have to invest?

Your investment costs comply with your individual demand of cosmetics.

Our standard formulations for cosmetic products are very well calculated and thus available at a reasonable price. Due to the absence of a minimum guaranteed off-take, your investment is reasonable and you avoid the risk of keeping too many products on stock. The costs for the design of the labels with your logo are normally incurred only once and if you don''t ask for modifications, are null for repeat orders.

{slider What is the life of your cosmetic formulations?}

If unopened, all formulations have a life of 30 months.

Once opened, the life of the products depends on their formulation. To know more, ask for our product specifications.

What type of ingredients do you employ?

To meet our high quality standards and in conformity with the GMP directives our formulations are made exclusively of herbal and biomimetic ingredients.

The well-designed complexes of active ingredients are chosen with the aim towards reactivating the proper functions as well as strengthening and shielding the skin. We abstain from animal experiments and our products are mostly manufactured without the use of parabene and mineral oils.

How can I order my first individual line of cosmetics?

First order our sample kit of "bestsellers" including 1 x 6 original retail size standard products for face or body care and thoroughly test the formulations. To follow up we will make you an offer referring to a manageable amount of products enabling you to assemble your own basic line of cosmetics specifically designed for your clientele.

Beginning with cleansing products, right up to special treatments to solve skin problems, we can supply you with the most suitable products for every type of customer.

Articles for sale can be ordered starting from 15 items per formulation. Salon treatment products can even be ordered singularly. We would be happy to provide you with product samples already displaying your individual design.

Can I receive product samples before submitting an order?

Yes, for a service charge of 99.00 euro plus VAT and shipping costs you will receive a sample kit of "bestsellers" for face and body care.

The sample kit features original product containers in original retail sizes.

What are the shipping costs?

The costs for shipping depend on the weight of the package, the destination and the method of shipment.

We are happy to give you binding information on the exact shipping costs prior to submitting your order.