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Choco Papaya Body Butter

Grapefruit Body Scrub

This body butter seduces with a captivating mixture of scents whose main fragrances are white chocolate and papaya. Natural components such as pure shea butter and oils extracted from jojoba, avocado and grape seeds provide your skin with a silky smoothness and make it look sleeker. This precious care product is suitable for every type of skin: it promotes endorphin production and leads you into the realm of the senses.

Due to its ingredients, the Grapefruit Body Scrub produces a natural peel effect. Its rich formula contains allantoin and panthenol for enhanced moisture, while grapefruit extracts promote the removal of dead skin cells. Your body skin will immediately appear soft, fresh and silky smooth. This peeling is the perfect preparation for the subsequent body care products.

 senses-bodyspray-cocos  senses-bodyspray-pinacolada

Senses Body Spray Cocos

Senses Body Spray Pina Colada

A pure and aromatic body spray created to immediately awaken the senses. With its coco fragrance it has a refreshing and regenerating effect which can be felt all over the body.

A pure and aromatic body spray which entices your senses and lures you to the South Seas. This refreshing and revitalizing care product can be used for the entire body.