Your own cosmetics line

Private Label cosmetics - highly personalized and exclusive.


Our formulas combine the enhancement of natural beauty with the most recent technology. They are up to the newest standards, economically profitable and can be quickly produced.

The 3 steps to your own cosmetics line:


Step 1

  • Test our line of products, then create your layout and product design.
  • Choose your individual care products aimed towards your customers and target groups. 
  • Choose your jars, bottles, tubes and other containers. 
  • Choose between quantities of 15, 30, 50 or 100 items.

Step 2

  • Send us your logo or allow our creative team to help you design one.
  • Choose your product design, layout and marketing tools.
  • Choose a name for your line of cosmetics.

Step 3

  • Enjoy your own customized cosmetics line!
  • We will deliver your order on time, in its final packaging created on the basis of your own personal design.
  • Of course we will remain at your service also after delivery.