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Cinnamon Reduce Cream

Detox Slim Cream

This Cinnamon Reduce Cream is an anti-cellulite product of the newest generation. The combined action of its main active components cinnamon and nicotinate has extremely positive effects on nearly all types of cellulite.

This Detox Slim Cream contains biological extracts of arnica, horse-chestnut and comfrey. This efficient complex of active ingredients regulates the moisture balance within the body tissues, promotes the removal of tissue fluid and helps harmonize water distribution. The extra benefit of shea butter leaves your skin silky soft and perfectly cared for.

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Body Forming Cream

Body Contour Roll On

Due to its high algae content, this product is perfect for tightening and firming the skin. The efficient KSA-B complex augments blood circulation within body tissues, while the combined action of soya and algae components strengthens the tissues even at the first use.

The specific Body Contour Roll On is an intense vegetable based concentrate which stimulates blood circulation within the problem areas of the body.