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biocare-cleansingmilk BioCare-FaceTonic

Cleansing Milk

Facial Tonic

This gentle cleansing milk is specifically designed for sensitive and demanding skin. The finest oils clean and care for your skin without impairing its natural acid mantle. With its high content of aloe vera it disinfects and soothes the skin while at the same time supplying moisture.

This gentle face tonic is formulated without alcohol and thus particularly suitable for sensitive and demanding skin. It provides gentle cleaning and it contains aloe vera for a disinfecting and soothing effect, while vitamin E stimulates the skin's natural regeneration.





Hydro Cream

Lift Gel

This high performance moisturizer for dry skin efficiently shields your skin against premature ageing and restores its own natural moisture balance which, after the age of 30, tends to be compromised. Natural coenzyme Q10 helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles while Lubalin protects the skin by combating the harmful effects of free radicals.

In addition to its firming effect, this Lift Gel is the ideal care for demanding, sensitive and dry skin. Due to its natural components it is anti-allergenic and leaves the skin feeling exceptionally pleasant. The gel is suitable even for the delicate area around the eyes, where it helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Tired skin is visibly revitalized making it look smoother and younger.





Revital Cream

Vital Mask

This rich, retexturizing cream can be used both as a day and night cream and is designed for demanding, dry skins lacking oil, especially during the cold season. Natural oils and fats, in combined action with coenzyme Q10 and protective Lubalin diminish fine wrinkles and prevent vascular dilatations (facial erythrosis). Skin elasticity and firmness are restored and a delicate complexion is ensured.

This nourishing revitalizing mask is specifically designed for the needs of demanding skin and is the perfect solution for weekly treatments. Natural coenzyme Q10 and moisturizers provide a delicately smooth and fine-pored complexion even after the first use. The skin regains firmness and feels pleasantly smooth and luxurious.

biocare-eyecontour biocare-mircopeeling

Eye Contour

Micro Peeling Scrub

This cooling eye contour cream is particularly suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Due to its high vitamin content, sensitive and dry skin is protected from dehydration and shielded against environmental influences. With its firming action it helps prevent premature skin wrinkling and efficiently encourages cell regeneration.

This biological Micro Peeling scrub is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin. Natural high-quality microplankton gently removes dead skin cells, ensuring that the following care products can penetrate into the deeper skin layers more easily. The result is a fresh and incredibly smooth complexion.