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    Our products Highest state-of-the-art quality ranging from nature to high technology.

  • Custom-made formulations
    Custom-made formulations Your ideas and needs are the basis for our every solution!

  • Private Labeling
    Private Labeling Private label cosmetics as personalized and exclusive as can be.


Your Private Label Partner

Make a lasting impression on your customers with effective and high-quality cosmetics.

We develop high-quality head-to-toe beauty products specifically designed for your business activity and match them to your customer requirements. All products are personalized with your business logo.

Offering your own premium products for holistic face and body care will enhance your image and make your clients feel special.

Over the course of many years, Customized Care Products has developed a varied and well-established basic line of products for skin and body care. These effective and market-oriented beauty products will provide the basis for the creation of your personal brand identity.

Our standard range includes a great number of different packaging designs, types of jars, flacons and tubes from which you can choose.

But would you perhaps prefer to impress your customers with a unique line of cosmetic products especially formulated for your business according to your desire, choice of fragrances and design?

In this case we will put our long-term experience at your disposal and provide you with professional assistance by suggesting a variety of different solutions. In close collaboration we will first consult extensively regarding your needs and then develop a product line compatible with your budget. All this at a reasonable price.

With personalized up-to-date and easy-to-use cosmetic formulas, your business will certainly gain style, class and individuality.

In science, it's the facts that count – in cosmetics it's effectivness!

The innovative developments and reliable results achieved by our firm have already convinced medical practices, hotels, spa centers, cosmetic institutes offering day spa treatments, as well as fitness centers. The creation of unique, personalized formulas requires expertise and up to date market knowledge. Furthermore, all our cosmetic formulas are produced in accordance with international EU-standards.

Gain a lead in the market by means of innovative and imaginative steps which ensure your exclusivity: customize your cosmetics and product series to your target groups in order to achieve a sector niche and long-lasting customer loyalty. Market your fine distinction and make it profitable!

We would be happy to advise you and help you choose the most suitable formulations for your private label.


Please contact us for an initial consulting.